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Donald Davies

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The internet would not be the way it is today if it wasn't for Davies. He invented packet switching and helped provide a vital invention for ARPANET which helped build the structure for the modern day internet. Today, packets are sent all the time between computers but hardly anyone of us know they exist.

What is Packet Switching?

Packet switching[1] is a delivery service that aims to send packets at a certain size to a location after downsizing the content being sent into multiple packets. These packets then get given an order for the computer to put back together and request that packet if it's missing. When all the message is recieved, it reorders the packets allowing the computer to now use the reconstructed pieces of information.

A packet switching diagram
Packet Switching example from

Most other computers are also going to be connected to the network doing the same thing and using the network that without packet switching (and using circuit switching), we wouldn't be able to communicate with more than one computer at a time unless more networks could be make to seperate the line being used. By using packet switching, we're able to send and recieve packets to and from many computers and applications (all at the same time if you wish) that allow us to connect to the internet with many others.


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